the graphic design

The heroine behind Holy Duck, the mascot of the brand, is Dorothy Tsang. She was born and raised in Hong Kong with a dream of becoming a manga artist since she was 5. After completing her degree in digital media in Hong Kong Polytechnic University, she has worked as an art director in multiple blockbuster movies while pursuing her graphic design career on the side. She has an immense interest in drawing animals and ugly-beauty characters. In her work, she emplasizes the honest and authentic representation of heartfelt beauty.


the font design

A toothless garbageman who once wandered Hong Kong’s streets with dingy bags of ink and brushes tied to his crutches is the subject of a major retrospective in Hong Kong. The font design of Holy Duck is inspired by the 55,000 calligraphic works, almost all of which have been washed away, painted over or torn down by the authorities and real estate developers,  by the late Tsang Tsou-choi — who is best known by his self-dubbed title, the King of Kowloon. As an outsider artist, he spent half a century dodging security guards and police officers as he obsessively covered lampposts and mailboxes, slums and ferry piers, with his distinctive Chinese text.

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