First off, thanks for stopping by!  We couldn’t be more appreciative of the support and love Holy Duck has received in its short inception.  

But, none of this was planned.

In 2020, we left our home in Hong Kong to start our new married life in Vancouver.  All the craziness in the world had left many of us disconnected from friends and families, and so, during the Chinese New Year, we decided it would be fun to give some warmth to those around us, figuratively, and literally.  Combining our Grandma’s love for cooking with duck fat, and her chili oil recipe, we decided to combine the two and create a chili oil for family and friends.  

“This is amazing, you guys should be selling this stuff.”

We knew we were onto something special, but starting our own business was nowhere near any of our resumes.  But then we thought to ourselves: “We’re working off of a clean slate, the world’s a little crazy at the moment, so if there’s a time to do something totally off the map, it’s now…or maybe never”.

So we put our heads down and refined our recipe.  10, 20, 30 batches, we took our time tweaking and tinkering with the flavour profile and reaching out to friends, and friends of friends for their opinions.  We didn’t want to leave anything to chance; it had to be just perfect, and it had to stand out from the rest.

It’s been an absolute adventure thus far, and we’re so excited to see Holy Duck taking off.  So, the next time you’re enjoying your favourite home cook meals or takeout and it feels a little bland, think of us, and just Holy Duck it up!

Chris & Lou

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