Lost HK Landmark Lunch Mat

momozaza jp


Delve into the memories and nostalgia of old Hong Kong as you dine on this evocative lunch mat, sharing moments and stories with friends and loved ones.

On the Lost HK Landmark Lunch Mat, you will find the captivating stories behind vanished landmarks, as each mat comes with a booklet that unveils the city’s forgotten treasures. A perfect gift for those who long for the old Hong Kong, this lunch mat allows you to cherish memories and share in the cultural significance of bygone eras.

Dive into the narratives that shaped the city’s past, as you explore the hidden anecdotes, architectural marvels, and the cultural heritage that once thrived in every corner of these remarkable places.

Size: 30.5×36(w) cm

Outer Fabric & Inner Fabric: Water proof polyester 撥水トロマット (from Japan)

Handmade in Japan

Fabric printed in Japan