wonton noodle booth lunch mat

momozaza jp


Indulge in the lively street food scene of Hong Kong with Momozaza JP’s original lunch mat design. Picture yourself surrounded by steaming hot noodle booths and sizzling woks, where the air is filled with tantalizing aromas and the energy is palpable. This unique pantry accessory brings the vibrant atmosphere of “Dai Tai Dong” (outdoor food booths) to your dining experience, allowing you to relish the essence of Hong Kong’s street food culture.

The menu featured on the mat showcases the classic offerings of a typical shop, capturing the essence of this beloved culinary tradition. What sets this design apart is the use of numeric characters to denote the prices—a vanishing cultural practice in Hong Kong.

Original hand drawn illustrations

Size: 30×36(w) cm

Outer Fabric & Inner Fabric: 100% cotton

Handmade in Japan

Fabric printed in Japan